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enchanted cedar placeWhat is this place??
Enchanted Cedar
Described as a Magical decompression Zone by visitors.
Manager/owner: Brooke Hampton is a Children’s Book Author, Homeschooling mother of three and the wife of Entrepreneur and land developer, Billy B. Brooke is a dynamo of magic and vision.
Mission of Enchanted Cedar: Community and Collaboration with a focus on advancing our understanding and implementation of sustainable living practices including : Community gardens, Purchasing co-ops for foods and household needs, Educational exchanges, Wellness Education, Community gatherings, Open mics, Drum Circles, Story times, Entertainment and Celebrations. Her heart is to bring community together and to network us back into a spirit of collaboration.
Brooke’s inspiration for this project was her deep passion for family and the undeniable need she saw arising to create community and a resource network for her own family.
King Chaga’s Kitchen ( Housed within, and providing a backdrop for,The Enchanted Cedar)
Described as the “Nut house” By some.
Manager/owner: Donna Wiser R.N.Wellness Educator, Weight management Specialist and life coach. I am a 58 year old Mother of five with a passion for youth. Married to Michael W. a Product Director for security software systems with a top secret clearance. Michael is also a master craftsman and home builder. Michael has lost over 100 lbs since I met him three years ago. I tell you these things about us so that you will know that we are not hippies or extremists.You may find me in a poncho and a pair of moccasins but I can rock a black dress and pearls when the situation warrants.
The inspiration for King Chaga’s Kitchen was my son Cody. At nineteen he was 100 lbs overweight with debilitating digestive disorders. He is now 22. His journey back to wellness exposed us to many things and forced me out of my pharmaceutical medicine box. There was no magic pill for Cody.
With the use of food as our medicine Cody lost 100 lbs and now experiences vibrant health. As a result of that experience we decided to establish a kitchen. Our own home kitchen right here on center street in a small town so that others could come and discover how we made that journey with food as our medicine.
Mission of King Chaga’s Kitchen: Advancing The Home Kitchen Apothecary. A discovery of how and why to “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” In a warm, inviting community based setting.
It is our goal to transform home kitchens into Home Kitchen Apothecaries, across the globe, one kitchen at a time.
HOW: It is our goal to do this by provide a learning and training center for traveling youth interested in sustainable living and wellness practices. During their internship the focus is on good nutrition, wellness, self care and a return to collaboration and community.
The four youth that are here currently, are working in the gardens, running the whole foods cafe and the food co-op, learning to teach the 12 Home Kitchen Apothecary concepts, building themselves simple dwellings out on Barefoot Five farm, and coming to understand a new currency of exchange based on community and collaboration.
The four youth that are here now are absolutely the most talented coolest youth on the planet. Beautiful spirits that will certainly deliver a message that it is COOL to be healthy and well education on good sustainable self care and the promotion of wellness. They are also musicians, writers and dancers. Grounded and balanced.

That is what we have going on here and we would love to collaborate with all of you.

Stay Grounded,
Donna Wiser aka Branch

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Note: Call 254-857-3463 to get a list of upcoming events, book a private party or join our Cedar family and become part of our sustainable living co-op!

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